Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'll take that to go!

Sean had to have an EGD done on Monday. That's where they put a camera down his throat to look at his esophagus. He has severe reflux and has to have this done every three years to monitor it. He has to be put completely out so has to have an IV and breathing tube. He doesn't like to sit still for the IV stick so they give him Versed to calm him so that they can do what they need to do. Well, here he is after 20 mg. As usual, I asked the Nurse Anesthesist if I could have some to take home. I don't think she thought I was kidding at first because she said "No, I can't do that, I would lose my job. It's a controlled substance." Then, I laughed and she did, too. But, seriously, I would love to have some of that on hand. I wouldn't abuse it. I'd only give it to him when he is hanging from the ceiling!

The doctor said that he didn't see anything new from 3 years ago so hopefully the biopsies will not show anything either. Sean produces way too much acid and his stomach has actually grown up into his esophagus so the acid is right in the esophagus. He is on a large dose (100 mg. daily) of Nexium that is controlling it right now. Because of insurance we may have to change in a few months but hopefully we can get the Nexium approved.

Notice Sean's headphones. They have been a lifesaver. He loves music and we bought him an MP3 player a couple of years ago. It goes everywhere with us.

Hope everyone has a good night.


Misty said...

LOL! that is funny about joking with the nurse...and funnier still that she may have taken you seriously for a second or two LOL! you have a very handsome young man there!

Karen said...

Hi Rhonda!
Thanks for your comments on my blog. If it's OK with you I'd like to link to yours. I'm glad the EGD went well, and I hope you can get the high-dose Nexium approved. Insurance can be very unreasonable sometimes!