Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blog Challenge - 2008 In Review

As 2008 comes to a close, take some time to reflect on the past year. Tell us about acomplishments and triumphs, good times and bad times. What will be most memorable for you about 2008?

We have had a good 2008. Lots of things have changed in our lives.

First, we added to our family in the form of a pet. We got our dog, Rascal, in April. He is a cute little guy and he loves to go camping with us. He is part beagle but we don't know who the daddy is. Everyone swears he looks like a rotweiler. He's almost a year old and bigger than we expected him to be so who knows what he is mixed with.

We also did some room rearranging and it's been the best thing we could have ever done. I got into a bad habit years ago because of Sean's reflux and sleeping habits. I started sleeping with him to make sure that he didn't get choked from throwing up and to keep him in bed at night instead of roaming (and tearing up) the house. Well, 20 years passed by very quickly and I was still sleeping in his room. He got to the point where he didn't want me in there and started some behaviors (like slapping) which were his way of letting me know, I guess. So, we moved Clayton upstairs to a room I would have killed for when I was growing up. That gave Sean his own room and me and Carl our own room. We put very little in Sean's room - a bed and dresser - and soft toys and lots of pillows. He can be in there and we don't have to worry about him hurting himself. I'm sure at some point he'll figure out how to do some damage to himself or something else but he hasn't so far. He goes in there himself and I think he really enjoys his alone time. Clayton really enjoys his alone time. We barely see him. Our house is a 1-1/2 story and the upstairs is one big room. His bed is on one side and his TV and computer are on the other side. He can have friends over and they have their own area and it is really nice. He's had a sleepover and is about to have another one. He also became a teenager this year. No signs of raging hormones yet but I'm sure they'll be here soon. God, please give me strength!

Another big change is that Carl retired this spring. He is older than I am so I am still working (for about 20 more years. Yuck.) Anyway, he had worked at the same place for 40 years so he felt he had paid his dues. He thought he was retiring to relax but, oh, was he wrong. With him being home and me still working, he is now Mr. Mom. He does the housework and, for the first time in 20 years, takes care of Sean. He sees now what I had to do for the past 20 years, except I still had to work, too. He is doing a great job and I am so totally grateful. It has given me some much needed rest and I feel like such a weight has been taken off of me.

Carl's help has given me time to stretch my creative wings. Well, they're not really wings, and I'm not really that creative, but I've been trying. Several months ago I told you about key ring clips I was making. I still make them and I have started making spoon bracelets, too. I had never heard of a spoon bracelet (I had heard of rings). I had made some key ring clips out of old forks and someone saw them and asked if I could make a spoon bracelet. I said I had never heard of them but I would see what I could come up with. Well, after some internet research, we created our first one. It is a collaborative effort between Carl and I. He does the physical work and I do the decorating. He cuts them and bends them and then I put beads on them. I will have to post pictures of some because you probably can't picture what I'm talking about. I had one friend say "Aren't those dangerous since you use forks?" She thought we were using the tines of the forks - we are not. We cut them off. She is such a goofball! Love you, Bonita!!

Another exciting thing was that a new Wal-Mart Supercenter opened about three minutes from my house. I am in heaven. I used to have to travel about 20 minutes and while that may not seem like much of a trip, when you consider I only went once a week and had to do all my shopping, it made for about a two or three hour trip weekly. Now, with it so close, I can make small runs and don't have to load down the cart and my car. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you, Wal-Mart, for making my life easier. Now, could I please have a Target?

One thing that was not so good this year was that Sean was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus. The pediatric GI doc. that we went to in St. Louis diagnosed him and was not very encouraging with the news. He admitted that he didn't have any knowledge really because it normally isn't a pediatric condition. We have since seen an adult GI doc. and he was more encouraging. He said that there are stages that it progresses through and he normally doesn't see it progess to cancer. He said that Sean being young doesn't give him any greater of a chance of developing cancer than anyone else. We have to meet with him again when he has seen all of Sean's records and he will do a scope in July of next year and we will go from there. I hope he is right in his thoughts. Sean's reflux is finally under control and he has had a good year healthwise. (Great, now I've probably jinxed us.) I am trusting in God and trying not to worry too much about the diagnosis. Keep Sean in your prayers, though.

Another biggy for me this year is joining the blogging world. I didn't even know what a blog was a year ago. I started reading one family's blog and from there "met" other people and then started my own blog and have "met" many more. It is so amazing to be able to connect with people like this. It is so nice to know that I am not alone. Even though Sean is one of the older CdLS kids, I can so relate to what everyone else is going through. It is such a great tool for everyone. I only wish I would have had access to something like this when Sean was born. Besides being able to connect with CdLS moms, it is so amazing to see other people and read their stories and see the support and love that comes from complete strangers. So many times we only hear the horror stories of the world but when you see some of the acts of kindness, you know there is still good in the world. Thank you, blogging world, for sharing your humor, sarcasm, good times, bad times, and all the other stuff. I look forward to another year of connecting.

We, of course, camped this year but I won't bore you with those stories again. I hope the gas prices stay down so we can go a little more next year. Maybe we'll even venture out of Illinois. Okay, we probably won't, but if we did, where would we go? I would like to go see the ocean again. I have only seen it once. We went to Florida when Clayton was about 5. I would like to go to Virginia Beach. That sounds like a fun place.

2008 was a good year. I am looking forward to 2009 and all the fun that comes with it. See ya next year!! (I love saying that.)

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. We did. The kids opened presents in the morning. I even got one this year. Carl and I normally don't exchange presents because we never know what to get each other. I had gotten him a laptop when Wal-Mart had them real cheap a couple of months ago. It was supposed to be for Christmas but he saw it before I could hide it. He wanted to start learning how to use a computer and I didn't want him messing mine up so that's why I got him one. It's just a basic one but he can surf the net and that's all he wanted to do. Our anniversary is today - 22 years. So, for Christmas and our anniversary, he got me a ring. It is one I had looked at and wished for but never thought I would get it. He totally surprised me. It was great.

After opening presents, I started cooking. Our friends came over for Christmas dinner. We had turkey and all the trimmings. It was quite tasty. After we stuffed ourselves we sat down to play Buzz. It's a Playstation game and it's like a game show. It's pretty fun. While we were playing we noticed that Russ's top lip had started to swell. He said it felt like he was getting a fever blister. Not wanting to miss any fun, we kept playing. About 30 minutes later we noticed his bottom lip was swelling. That's when we got worried. Dianne called the nurse hotline and they said to take him to the ER. We were worried that his throat would swell shut. After two hours in the ER on Christmas night, two shots (which he was not too happy about), and prescriptions to take home, he's fine. They said it was an allergic reaction to something. I thought I might have poisoned him but since no one else got sick, I don't think it was me! It was pretty weird. He probably won't be coming to our house to eat anymore!

Here's a couple of pictures of the boys on Christmas morning. I didn't take too many pictures and, sadly, I didn't get one of Russ's plumped up lips!

Clayton got Guitar Hero World Tour which includes drums and a guitar and Sean got electronic drum sticks and a harmonica so it's been very musical (loud) around here the last couple of days. But, I wouldn't change it for anything.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Where have I been?

Well, in case anyone has been wondering where I've been, I can now tell you.

I have been working on a special project that's near and dear to my heart. I worry about all the small animals in the wintertime and how they keep warm. Well, I have created a safe, warm haven for them this winter. Here's where several of them will be spending the next few months!!!!

Don't ask me how, but this is how I woke up looking yesterday. The weird thing is that when I sleep, I don't move. I sleep on my back and wake up in the same position I fall asleep in. My mom has always said I didn't move as a child and Carl says I don't move now. So, can someone please explain the above picture? I'm afraid I might be living a second life at night!

Monday, November 3, 2008

More Birthday Fun

Our family doesn't just have one birthday celebration. We always have one at home and then we have one at Grandma's. We went to Marion this weekend for Clayton's second party. It was just my family but it was fun. We got down there Friday evening which was Halloween. My mom's church had "Trunk or Treat". They take their cars to the church parking lot and decorate the trunks of them and hand out candy to the kids. It's a safe way of trick or treating. I had never seen it before and it was actually pretty cool. There were lots of cars and the people dressed up too. My nieces dressed up and so did I and we went to Trunk or Treat. Here are some pics.

On Saturday we had lunch and then Clayton got to open his presents. He is at the stage where he wants money so he got $50 and some boxers in a Guitar Hero tin. My dad had surgery a couple of weeks ago and had to have his hair cut and the nurse brought the hair back in a bag and gave it to my mom. No idea why they would have done that but since they did we thought it would be funny to wrap it up and give it to Clayton. He opened it and thought it was funny.

Some have said our family is weird. I wonder why! I tease Clayton about loving Sponge Bob. He watches the show but always says he doesn't really like him. It's kind of a running joke now so we got him a Sponge Bob cake.

After cake we wrote wishes on paper and attached them to balloons and went outside and let them go. I wonder where they went. I was hoping maybe they would have flown up to Springfield but we haven't found any yet!! Who knows where they could be.

Then it was time for some silly string fun. It was a fun weekend and I think the boys had a good time. Here's some more pics.

Funny faces in the car.

Sean & PawPaw.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Clayton's 13!

Well, he made it. Clayton is now a teenager. He started celebrating on Thursday night. He had a couple of friends come over for pizza and a cookie cake. Here they are enjoying the pizza.On Friday we went back to the campground in Havana. We had agreed to go before we realized it was Clayton's birthday. There was a big group of people that went and someone else made the reservations. Clayton wasn't thrilled about spending his birthday at the campground but he managed to have a good time. Here he is lounging in the motorhome. It was the last picture of him as a 12 year old!
Here he is as a teenager. Doesn't he look older?

He had to open his presents as soon as he got out of bed.

He got an iPod, some accessories to go with it, some Qik N Ez gift cards, and some cold hard cash. I think he made out pretty good. That afternoon we had cake for him.

The campground had Halloween festivities and in the afternoon there was also a costume contest. No one in my family wanted to dress up so I hadn't planned to. On Friday me and Carl went to Wal-Mart and found a hilarious costume and, much to my disbelief, he agreed to wear it. I then had to find one and all I could find was a witch. Some people may say that is appropriate! Anyway, here we are.

Anybody need a plumber! His company was called "McKrackin Plumbing". Their motto is "We're number 1 when it comes to number 2". He actually ended up having a good time. He was strutting his stuff. He ended up being the only male grownup that dressed up so they put him in the category with the women. He got second place. But, he's first place in my book.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

SOOC Saturday

This is one of my favorite pictures of the boys. Clayton was around 4 and Sean 11. They were playing outside and I found them together under a tree. Cute, cute, cute.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I won! I won!

I can't believe it but I actually won something and I wasn't even trying.

Rachelle at Take a Walk with the Riedmiller Family gave me my very first blog award. First, I would like to thank my parents, without them I would be nothing. I also need to thank my husband for being there with me from the beginning, laughing at my jokes and encouraging me. Then, of course, I can't forget my boys. Without them, what would my life be like. My life would be so boring, nothing to do but relax, watch TV, go out to eat, sleep!! And, I also would like to thank all the people who knew me when - before I had a blog and GOT AN AWARD!!!

Okay, enough groveling. Thank you, Rachelle, for giving me this award. I haven't been doing this for long but I have gotten so much out of this. I love being able to take a peek into the lives of others and see how they handle the challenges that have been given to them. It is so encouraging and uplifting. I look forward checking on my new friends daily.

Here are the rules (I didn't come up with these:)

1. The winner can (and should, really) put the logo on his/her blog
2. The winner must link to the person from whom they received their award.
3. The winner must nominate at least 7 other blogs for an award.
4. The winner must place links to those blogs on their own blog.
5. The winner must leave a message on the blogs of the people they’ve nominated.

Now come the problems. First, I can't figure out how to get the logo from Rachelle's blog to mine. Then, I'm not completely sure about the linking thing. I have everyone on my blog list so hopefully that works. The big problem is that I don't know 7 other blogs besides the ones that Rachelle nominated! But, here's who I do give awards to:

Sean, Natalie and Evan at The deMello's. Evan deMello is the little boy that introduced me to the blogging world. He is from my hometown and was born with a heart defect which required him to have a heart transplant. His parents had a COTA site to keep everyone updated on his condition. He had the transplant at the end of June last year and, sadly, lost his battle in October. His parents were so brave and inspiring throughout his fight and have continued their story about their brave little warrior and their lives without him. Evan never ceased to amaze me and neither do they.

Through Evan's blog I met Sara at ThinkPinkalicious. She is a mommy to the sweetest little girl, Maddie. Maddie has a rare form of dwarfism. Sara and Maddie had a wonderful summer and I was able to share in their fun through Sara's wonderful descriptions of their capers.

Sara found a jewelry website and was looking at it and noticed that the owner of the website had a little boy with CdLS. She e-mailed me and that is how I met Lisa Leonard at It's the Little Things. Lisa's son is David and he is 6 years old. She has another boy named Matty. She is very creative and a great photographer. I always enjoy checking in on her.

From these three, I have met all the other bloggers on my list and then some. I have truly enjoyed the time I've spent with each of you and thank you again for letting me peek into your lives. I look forward to much more.

Have a great week.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

CdLS Blog Challenge - Public Scrutiny

The challenge this week is to write about our experiences with public scrutiny. We have always gotten lots of looks when we're out and much more so now that Sean has gotten older. He is about the size of an 11 year old but now sports a pretty nice mustache which can get some double takes. I am holding off as long as possible before I start shaving him because it's quite a chore just getting through his hair cuts.

I do remember one time when he was around 10. My mom and sister were here visiting. Clayton was about 3 and my niece was just a baby. We all went to the mall. Sean was still small and was in a regular stroller. After shopping for a while we went to a restaurant in the mall to eat. While Sean loves riding in a stroller, he doesn't like it when it stops moving. I took him out of the stroller and was holding him and feeding him crackers while we waited for our food. I had noticed a man and woman looking our way a few times, but with three little ones we were putting on quite a show so I didn't think a whole lot about it. As that couple got up to leave they came over to us and applauded me for bringing Sean with us . The man commented how lots of parents don't take their kids out and it was very good that I was doing that. The man had worked with special needs kids and that's why he had noticed Sean. They asked about his syndrome and then went on their way. I thought it was very nice of them to have stopped to make their comments.

Another time, only a few years ago, I took Sean in to Dollar General to pick up something real quick. He had been at school all day and wasn't in much of a shopping mood (come to think of it, he never is!). We went in, I went directly to get what I needed, and then got in the checkout line. There were several people in line so we had to wait a little bit. Sean has the patience of a gnat so didn't like having to wait. He was starting to get antsy and a little loud. I was singing to him and clapping with him (things he loves) to try to keep him occupied. I looked up and saw a man and we made eye contact. He said "Good for you, good for you." I just smiled and turned my attention back to Sean. I'm not sure exactly what I was getting kudos for but I took it as a compliment.

I know people aren't trying to hurt my feelings or Sean's when they say stuff or ask questions. I try to always look at it as showing people that these kids have lives just like everyone else. There are so many people that are never exposed to these kids and if I can show just one that they are just people, too, then maybe they can show someone else. I would much rather someone ask me a question than just stare and go on by.

And, like Maddy's mom said, maybe there will come a day when we won't have to explain why our kids look different. They will just be kids like every other one.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

And the Countdown Begins...

Well, it's actually been going on for a while but one month from today my baby will turn 13. I don't know where the time has gone. Thirteen years ago I was waddling around the office with elephant ankles wondering how I was going to make it two more months (my due date was two more months). Anyway, Clayton is so thrilled that he's going to be a teenager. He's been taunting me with that fact for several months now but I'm sure it will be more constant now that he's this close. When you're young you can't wait to get older and then we you do get older you wonder where the time went. I wouldn't want to necessarily go back in time just to be young again but there are a few things I wouldn't mind getting another chance at. Okay, now I'm rambling. I tend to do that when my boys have birthdays. I don't know why. Stay tuned as the countdown proceeds.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CdLS Blog Challenge

Well, as usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short. Actually, I'm two days late. Here goes anyway. My simple pleasures are

Sitting by the campfire with friends & family.

Having lunch with an old friend.

Logging on to check on new friends.

Fixing my son a smoothie and
getting a hair combing in return.

Garage sales on Saturday morning.

Watching Sean carry his lunch tray at school.

The challenge also asked if pleasures are drawn from more simple things because I have a child with special needs. I have always been happy with just being home and not needing to be entertained so I don't think that changed. I appreciate the simple things more. I will always remember when Sean learned to drink out of a straw - he was about 5. We celebrated like he had just won a gold medal in the Olympics. When I saw him carrying his lunch tray at 19 years old, I cried. Those were simple pleasures that I would not have thought about otherwise. So, I guess the answer is I do appreciate the simple things more.

Now, I'm going to enjoy another simple thing - sleep. Good night.

Look what I've been doing

I have been experimenting making bracelets. I used my sister and one of my blog friends as guinea pigs. My sister has two kids so I made her a bracelet with both of her girls' names on it. My blog friend has one daughter so hers had one name.

My nieces liked my sister's bracelet so they wanted one of their own. So, guess what one of their Christmas presents is! When I took theirs to work one of my co-workers wanted one for her niece so I made one for her.

I had one made for myself many years ago and paid big bucks for it. It is gold and I am more into silver lately so, of course, I had to make myself one.

I now have a request to make two more for another co-worker. My key ring making is on hold until I can find some more key rings so I guess I'll be making bracelets for a while. I just thought I would show you the ones I have made. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Looking Back Sunday - Birthdays

Sandi, Jessica's mom, did this and I thought it would be fun. Looking for these pictures (in boxes) I realized how badly I need to make some albums. I've never done scrapbooking but that is going to be my next project. It's 20 years of stuff so hopefully I'll be able to get it done before the next 20 years fly by. Anyway, here's Sean on his first birthday. He looks so cute. He didn't much like getting into the cake, though. He didn't like the feel of it. Hope you enjoy these.

Why did they put this goofy hat on me?

Now, what am I supposed to do?

Oops, I think I lost something!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

SOOC Saturday

This is what the toys looked like when Sean went to bed.

This is what they looked like the next morning. He had some fun during the night!

Thanks to Melody at Slurping Life for this fun Saturday meme. If you’d like to play along and share your “straight out of the camera” (SOOC) shot, click here for details.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I have had pictures of Sean in his stroller on here and have had an inquiry regarding it. We have had it for several years. Sean was small for so long that we used a regular stroller for him for quite some time. Then, when he took his growth spurt I still wanted one for him so we could go on walks. He can walk but you never know when he'll just decide he doesn't want to go any further and stop, so it's easier for him to be in a stroller. And, he loves it. Of course, I would love it too if someone would push me around in one! Anyway, I starting looking for a stroller and couldn't find anything. I asked our two home health care stores and they didn't even know where I could find one. They only had access to wheelchairs. So, I started looking on line and found some strollers. They were quite expensive - some being $1,000-$1,200. Since Sean doesn't require any special restraints or support systems I didn't want to have to spend that much money on a stroller. I found this one and it is a Kool Stop Special Use stroller. It holds up to 150 pounds. We have had it for about 3 or 4 years and it is still holding up quite well. I checked with the company and they still have them and they are now selling for $650.00 (they have went up alot since we got ours). But, I still think that would be a good price. The stroller can be found at It is under the jogging stroller tab and then it is the special use stroller. Let me know if you have any questions.
You can see he is quite comfortable. There is also a shoulder harness to keep him in.
He's about 4'9" and you can see how he fills it out.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


In Remembrance of the lives lost on this day 7 years ago. We will never forget.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You might be a redneck if...

You have an old motorhome in your pasture that hasn't been moved in years...

And, you have to put a sign on it that says...


What this must mean is that people have actually inquired about purchasing the motorhome and for some reason, known only to the people that own it, they don't want to sell it. They would much rather it just rot out in their pasture. Maybe they plan on using it for fertilizer!

This motorhome has been in the same spot - unmoved - for at least three years. The "Not for Sale" sign appeared this year. I just thought this was hilarious. I don't know why people would want to hold onto something like this and just let it fall apart. And, they only live about 2 miles from a campground. I say fire that baby up and get thy self to a campground!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Sean is not big on smiling. He never has been. But, boy, can he light up your day when he does smile. I was greeted by nothing but smiles last night when I came home from work. We took advantage and had a quick photo shoot. Here are the results. Hope these bring a smile to your face today.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Prayer Request

The son of an attorney I used to work with was killed in a bicycle accident Friday night. He was hit by a car. He was only 13. They were not able to have children of their own and adopted 2 babies from the Phillipines. He was their oldest. I am so very, very sad for them. They are going to need lots of support and prayers to get through this. Please, if you can, say a little prayer for them. Thank you.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

And the Winner is......


The drawing was done randomly by placing 6 numbers in a hat and pulling one out. The numbers corresponded with the number of the post. Thank you all for your stories. I loved them all. They were quite entertaining.

Sunny, e-mail me at and we'll see which one you want.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well, I've seen other people do this so I thought it would be fun, too. I have been working on some "creations" lately. That's what I called them one time and now Clayton is giving me a hard time about my "creations".

I have several purses (okay, more than several) and most of them don't have pockets for keys. Therefore, I am always digging to the bottom of my cavernous pit to locate my keys when I am ready to use them. Well, I have came up with what I believe to be a good solution. These are key rings and they clip to the top of your purse and then you have immediate access to your keys. I have several designs I have created to decorate them. I have one to match each of my purses! I also have made some holiday ones - I have Halloween and Christmas ones. I think I'll show you some and the winner can pick the one they want. I am putting a time limit on this of Sunday at 7:00 p.m. I will draw a winner at that time. I will let you know on Monday who wins and you can e-mail me with your address.

I will pick randomly from comments that I get to this post. I would like to hear a story that you may have about keys - locking them in the car, dropping them in the potty, losing them, etc. Anything that may have to do with keys.

When Clayton was about 2 I was loading both kids in the car to go to daycare. It was about 15 degrees outside. I had started the car to warm it up and when I brought the kids out I started strapping Sean into his carseat. Clayton was standing right beside me but turned to run off. We live on a busy street so my reaction was to close Sean's door and go after Clayton. Well, I had a feature on my car where the doors locked automatically when the car was started. So, you know what happened next. I was locked out of the car and my house and Sean was locked inside the car. My purse, with my cell phone & the extra key I had used to open the car after warming it up, were in the car. Luckily, our neighbor's dad was at their house babysitting their son so Clayton and I went there to call Carl to come and open the car. Needless to say, Carl wasn't too happy. He just didn't understand how I could have done that. That was easy for him to say because all he had to do was walk out to his car and get in it - no kids to worry about. He came and opened the car and Sean was just sitting in his carseat like nothing had even happened. Thank heavens I had the heat on. Of course, I was freezing because I stayed outside by the car while Clayton was at the neighbor's house until Carl got there.

Now, let me hear any story you might have.

Here's what I will be giving away.

These are the holiday ones - the one on the far left is a Dalmation - not holiday but fun.

These are kind of hard to see. The far right one is a flag. The second from right is a cross. I can show individual pictures to the winner.

Here's one on my purse. It's hard to tell what it looks like. I'm no photographer. You can see how it hangs inside the purse. They are even decorated on the back!

Good Luck!

P.S. My friend, Pinkalicious, is having a giveaway, too. Check hers out. You can link her from my blog. She is very sweet and she has the cutest little girl you will ever see.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Sean catching up on some reading in the car while I stopped at a friend's house.

Sean catching some zzz's.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Holiday Weekend

Well, I can't believe it but summer is almost over. Labor Day Weekend is the official end although we stretch it out as long as we can. We went to a new campground this weekend. It is about an hour from home and it was really nice. The weather was perfect. We went with some friends so we enjoyed sitting around the campfire visiting with them. We met some new friends, too, and hope to stay in touch. Their son has Down's Syndrome. He is 18 and they are facing some of the same challenges we are as far as what happens when they are no longer in school.
The campground was very kid friendly. They had a pool which Clayton enjoyed. They also had tie dying and though Clayton thought he was too big to do it, he ended up actually having fun. There was a basketball court and Clayton and his friend took on several others and, as they told it, beat the best kid in the campground!! Clayton is really good at basketball so I'm sure they did well.
They had a DJ on Saturday and Sunday night. We went to listen to the music on Saturday night and Sean had a great time. He was in his stroller and he was boogying so much at one point he almost tipped it over! You can't see it in this picture but he really had a good time. Some people came up and "Pimped his Ride". They put glow sticks all over his stroller. That is one thing that we have found at campgrounds - people are open to Sean. They don't just gawk at him, they come up and ask questions and are genuinely interested in finding out about his syndrome. Camping has been good for all of us as a family.

I don't want to write too much because I've been told it takes too long for some people to catch up (you know who you are)!! So, I'll just put lots of pictures.
Have a Great Week!
Clayton enjoying one of his favorite things.
Carl doing one of our least favorite parts of camping - dumping. At least he wasn't covered in fecal matter!! If you haven't seen the movie RV, you have to watch it. It's hilarious.

Sean getting one of his favorite things - a foot rub. I can't believe he suckered Bob into doing this, but he did. Thanks, Bob.
Our campsite. There's Rascal, too. He is starting to like camping.
Tie-dying extravaganza.
Clayton perfecting his backstroke.
They had this old firetruck that they gave rides on. We didn't get to go on a ride - too loud - but we got a picture of it sitting still.

Oh, look, there's Mom in a picture. I'm always taking the pictures so usually am not in any, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But, I had Carl take this one of me and Sean.