Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well, I've seen other people do this so I thought it would be fun, too. I have been working on some "creations" lately. That's what I called them one time and now Clayton is giving me a hard time about my "creations".

I have several purses (okay, more than several) and most of them don't have pockets for keys. Therefore, I am always digging to the bottom of my cavernous pit to locate my keys when I am ready to use them. Well, I have came up with what I believe to be a good solution. These are key rings and they clip to the top of your purse and then you have immediate access to your keys. I have several designs I have created to decorate them. I have one to match each of my purses! I also have made some holiday ones - I have Halloween and Christmas ones. I think I'll show you some and the winner can pick the one they want. I am putting a time limit on this of Sunday at 7:00 p.m. I will draw a winner at that time. I will let you know on Monday who wins and you can e-mail me with your address.

I will pick randomly from comments that I get to this post. I would like to hear a story that you may have about keys - locking them in the car, dropping them in the potty, losing them, etc. Anything that may have to do with keys.

When Clayton was about 2 I was loading both kids in the car to go to daycare. It was about 15 degrees outside. I had started the car to warm it up and when I brought the kids out I started strapping Sean into his carseat. Clayton was standing right beside me but turned to run off. We live on a busy street so my reaction was to close Sean's door and go after Clayton. Well, I had a feature on my car where the doors locked automatically when the car was started. So, you know what happened next. I was locked out of the car and my house and Sean was locked inside the car. My purse, with my cell phone & the extra key I had used to open the car after warming it up, were in the car. Luckily, our neighbor's dad was at their house babysitting their son so Clayton and I went there to call Carl to come and open the car. Needless to say, Carl wasn't too happy. He just didn't understand how I could have done that. That was easy for him to say because all he had to do was walk out to his car and get in it - no kids to worry about. He came and opened the car and Sean was just sitting in his carseat like nothing had even happened. Thank heavens I had the heat on. Of course, I was freezing because I stayed outside by the car while Clayton was at the neighbor's house until Carl got there.

Now, let me hear any story you might have.

Here's what I will be giving away.

These are the holiday ones - the one on the far left is a Dalmation - not holiday but fun.

These are kind of hard to see. The far right one is a flag. The second from right is a cross. I can show individual pictures to the winner.

Here's one on my purse. It's hard to tell what it looks like. I'm no photographer. You can see how it hangs inside the purse. They are even decorated on the back!

Good Luck!

P.S. My friend, Pinkalicious, is having a giveaway, too. Check hers out. You can link her from my blog. She is very sweet and she has the cutest little girl you will ever see.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Okay, first, these are so cool! Really really good idea. I also constantly am fishing in the bottom of my purse.

Your story is funny ONLY because it is over and everything is okay.

I had lost the second set of my car keys for about 8 months. We had looked everywhere. One day my preschooler was playing with the couch cushions and just whipped out the keys. I actually am not sure where he found them (I know we looked in the couch before), but he got a piece of candy for finding my keys:)

Thanks! This is a really great contest.

micaela6955 said...

I am always rummaging thru my purse for my keys, especially at the grocery store since my frequent buyer cards are attached. I always keep, ahem, feminine items in my purse as well-just in case that little accident happens and I am unprepared. I can't tell you how many times I have been in front of a male check out attendant fishing for my keys when one of those darn things falls out of my purse right onto the conveyor belt with my groceries..... please, save me the embarassment!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Misty said...

ok, this is a key story about my grandma that gets repeated quite often in our family for a good laugh...

when i was about 5 or 6, my family went on a picnic in the mountains. When it came time to leave for the day, My grandma couldn't find her keys. We searched everywhere!! the creek, under rocks, trails, the car, the port-a-potty (my uncle used a flash light)... NO where! We searced for over an hour and were losing daylight. Just when everyone was about to give up (and us kids were grumpy from searching instead of playing), my grandma revealed that she had found them... she was laughing so hard and we all stood and waited for her to tell us where she found them....
She had had them in her BRA the entire time!! she still keeps things in her bra to this day, but i am pretty sure my grandpa forbade her to put the keys there after that!!

love your creations and story!

cdlsva said...

Rhonda, these are awesome!! I read your post this morning and knew I had to respond when I got home from work...I thought about you later in the day as I watched my older daughter digging frantically through her purse looking for the car keys!

Here's my key story:

Back when my oldest was about 2 years old we were traveling out of state. About 2:00 in the morning my husband stopped to get gas. I had to go to the restroom and decided to leave my purse in the car since hubby was there. In the meantime he finished pumping the gas, got Amanda out of the car and locked it up leaving his keys in the ignition...of course thinking I had my purse with the spare car key!

So here we are at 2:00 a.m. at a little gas station in the middle of nowhere locked out of our car.

Fortunately the girl working at the station had the # for a locksmith. We called and then stood around chatting with her until the locksmith got there. On the flip side, she was really happy to have us there as she was working alone (her co-worker never showed up) and was pretty scared...poor girl was only about 18! By the time the locksmith arrived and got our car unlocked, her uncle had shown up to stay with her until the end of her shift.

So maybe our annoying (and expensive!) situation served a higher purpose after all :-)

Pinkalicious said...

How cute, Rhonda! I love these.....I am always digging in my purse for my keys....taking EVERYTHING out so I can find them.

A key story......I was home from college one Labor Day weekend. It was Sunday night and I vacuumed out my car. The keys were in the ignition because I had moved my car to get closer to the vacuum hose. I vacuumed out the front driver's side, shut the door and went to open the passenger door. I couldn' was locked! I quickly looked at all the doors and they were locked too. I must have hit the lock with the vacuum hose. My keys were in the ignition and my other set were at my apartment at school--2.5 hours away. I had to call a locksmith, after hours, on a holiday weekend so I could leave on Monday to get back to school. Luckily, my insurance did pay for it.

A month later, I locked my keys in the car again at the grocery store, but this time in Eau Claire. I called my roommate and she was able to bring me the extra set.

I kept a spare duct taped by my gas cap after that.

Now, I LOVE keyless entry. I haven't locked my keys in the car husband has, but I haven't. :)

I still have a problem finding my keys in my purse though, so this is a good solution. :)


Sunny said...

hmmm... I haven't locked myself out of the car, but right after my husband and I had our son, we locked ourselves out of our house 3 times. We were so busy trying to getr all of the bottles and diapers and outfits... ya know. I have repeated this a few times with both of my boys in tow. (They are 2 and 1!) That is an adventure. It usually happens when I think that I threw the keys in the diaper bag and I really left them next to the door. The worst was when I had to wait on the front porch in the rain until my husband got home to let me in.