Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Look what I've been doing

I have been experimenting making bracelets. I used my sister and one of my blog friends as guinea pigs. My sister has two kids so I made her a bracelet with both of her girls' names on it. My blog friend has one daughter so hers had one name.

My nieces liked my sister's bracelet so they wanted one of their own. So, guess what one of their Christmas presents is! When I took theirs to work one of my co-workers wanted one for her niece so I made one for her.

I had one made for myself many years ago and paid big bucks for it. It is gold and I am more into silver lately so, of course, I had to make myself one.

I now have a request to make two more for another co-worker. My key ring making is on hold until I can find some more key rings so I guess I'll be making bracelets for a while. I just thought I would show you the ones I have made. I think they turned out pretty cute.


Pinkalicious said...

Yay! Thanks again for my bracelet that says "Madeline." I love it! Great gift idea!!


Heidi @ GGIP said...

You are REALLY crafty! Those are great.