Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend Fun

My sister and two nieces came to visit us over the weekend. They live in my hometown which is 3-1/2 hours from us. They usually come up a couple of times a year and we always have a good time. The State Fair began on August 7 and we had tickets to go see Fergie on August 8. My nieces love her. I didn't really know anything about her and when I think of Fergie, I think of the Duchess of York. Anyway, they got here Friday afternoon. My oldest niece had a birthday in July and I hadn't given her her presents. So, we had a mini birthday party. She wanted brownies (instead of cake) and ice cream and who was I to argue, so I made brownies. My youngest niece had requested Scroodles so I fixed those for dinner. For her birthday I got her a Little Pet Shop set and a DS game. She had asked specifically for each of those so wasn't really surprised but did like them. I also had a couple of "prizes" for both of them. A blogger friend of mine made them pendants with their names on them. They have unusual spellings of their names so can't find anything with their names on them. At my sister's request, I am not using their names on here but here's a picture of them with their pendants.

After we ate off we went to the fair. We only went in time to go to the concert. Clayton went with us, too, but Sean stayed home with Daddy. Sean is not a fan of big crowds so he and Daddy had a play date. We had already decided to go back to the fair the next day so the kids could ride rides then. Sean stayed with Daddy again. Thanks, Dad. It was nice to have some time off with just Clayton and the girls. The kids enjoyed the concert after a rough start. They didn't understand why their was an opening act. They wanted Fergie! So, finally, Fergie came out. They were thrilled. It wasn't exactly my kind of music but I enjoyed it because of the company. Here we are.

Clayton enjoyed himself a little more so than it looks in this picture. I had already taken 2 of them and then another concert goer offered to take a picture of all of us together. That was a very nice gesture on her part. That meant Clayton had to get out of his seat again and he was not too happy. He's just like a man - he didn't understand why I was taking so many pictures. We were tired after the concert and went straight home.

The next day I got up and went to a garage sale that I had spotted in the neighborhood. I only got a step stool for $1 but went back to get my sister because I thought she would like a couple of things. She ended up getting a coffee table that had been painted like a flag and a stool that had been painted like a sunflower. She also got a wicker basket, some candleholders, and some fluted glasses. She made out like a bandit. She got it all for $20.00. I also gave her some side tables that I had gotten a good deal on at a garage sale but didn't have room for. She is redoing her basement and should have plenty of furniture now.

After that we went back to the fair and the kids got to ride some rides. Then, we went through some of the animal barns and saw some huge cows and horses. After being at the fair for a few hours we were hot and tired and sort of felt like this:

These kids were snoozing big time! It was so cute. The one on the right even had his diaper changed while still in the stroller and he didn't even wake up! We were kind of wiped out, too, so we left. Before going home, however, we HAD to go to Wal-Mart. I refer to it as my Wal-Mart. It just opened in July and it is 5 minutes from my house. I used to have to drive about 20 minutes to get to the Wal-Mart on the other side of town. I am in hog heaven! After picking up some things for dinner - my youngest had also requested hot dogs and mac and cheese - we headed home. My sister was in a hurry and pulled out of the parking spot forward instead of backwards. Someone had decided to open their purchase and discard the box in front of her vehicle. We heard a crunch and then people started laughing and pointing. This is what we found:

We had run over a Weedeater box. We were cracking up. The kids really thought it was funny. Luckily it was only the box and there was no damage. That was about it for the weekend. We had a really good time. Hopefully, they'll come back soon.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

I have no idea who Fergie is. None.

Those sleeping kids in the strollers are so cute! They were going to have a neck ache when they wake up though!

Pinkalicious said...

I am laughing at your Duchess of York comment..... :) They only reason I know who Fergie is is because I teach 8th graders. When I first heard of her I had your same thought....."You mean Fergie (Duchess of York) is a rock singer??"

I am glad the girls liked their pendants. What cute girls!

It sounds like you had a very fun weekend! I am so glad.

I loved the pictures. I am finding I am taking way more pictures now that I am blogging....I think that is a good thing.