Monday, August 4, 2008


The only thing I love more than clearance sales are garage sales. You have to be careful but you can get some real bargains. I found this foosball table a couple of weeks ago for $10.00. I don't even try to haggle when the deals are that good. Clayton and his friends have already gotten $10 worth of fun out of it. I got it when he was gone to Grandma's so he was really surprised when he came home and found it.

Here are just a few other bargains I got this year -

A 4-slice toaster - $2.00 (It was a ritzy neighborhood and they had just changed all their appliances to stainless steel.) Now, their old one (which didn't even have crumbs in the bottom) makes toast for us in the motorhome.

A George Forman grill - $10.00 (It is the one with the removable griddles that retails for $75.00.) It had only been used once and didn't even look like it had at all. I have been happily cooking on it for a couple of months now.

Two upholstered HEAVY ottomans - $30.00 (I had just paid $30 for a cheap fake leather one at Wal-Mart-which was quickly returned.) We just got a new couch and chair which are a dark (leather-look) microfiber so I needed something to lighten things up a little. These are a floral upholstery and couldn't compliment the couch better if I had ordered them special. I was really excited about that find.

Brand new, still in the box, mailbox - $15.00 (It's one of the heavy plastic ones which retail for about $65.00.) Actually, I have to give Carl credit for this one. He went with me one morning and he spotted it. I wouldn't have even looked at it because it involved him having to do some work to put it in. I try to stay away from bargains that entail work for him. He's not real keen on my garage sale finds most of the time!! But, he got a good one this time. And, the mailman is happy because he doesn't have to come into our yard through the fence to the porch anymore.

I also got our dog a crate for $10.00. He outgrew the one I originally bought him ($30.00 brand new) in about a month. He is going to be bigger than we thought. So, now I have to look for an even bigger crate - hopefully I can find another garage sale bargain. I was able to sell my original crate to a co-worker for $10.00 so she got a good deal, too, because it had only been used twice.

Anyway, I have gotten some more bargains but won't bore you with anymore. Garage sales are a really good way to recycle. One man's junk is another man's treasure. You just never know what you'll find.

Just a quick story about my boss. I was boasting one morning about my weekend finds and he said to me "Now, how does that work? Is there some kind of guarantee? I mean, can you take the stuff back if it doesn't work? LOL!!! I said, no you can't take it back. That's just a chance you take. He can be such a dork sometimes.

Have a Great Monday!


Pinkalicious said...

We are kindred spirits, Rhonda! While I don't necessarily garage sale.....I Goodwill/St. Vinny. I am not against garage sales--I just like Goodwill/St. Vinny's because it is like one BIG garage sale. Most of my clothes are from there.....I was going to post about it at a later date. :)

I love your finds--thanks for sharing! :)


Misty said...

i wanna go with you :)!!!!!!! i LOVE clearance and yard saling! you have enspired me to get up early this weekend and sneak out to go to yard sales!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I love garage sales too, although I don't have much time to shop them. I rarely haggle. If things are way too overpriced, I just leave. I guess I just don't understand overpricing yard sale items:)