Monday, February 2, 2009

CdLS Blog Challenge

Today's CdLS blog challenge is:
What kind of jerry-rigging or child-proofing have you done at home to meet the needs of your child with CdLS? This could be a serious or comical post.

We have certainly Sean-proofed our house.

When Sean was little he could run like the wind so we have fences in our front yard and our back yard. There are locks on the gates so that he can't open them. Now that he is older, he moves much slower and that has helped alot.

We have locks and chains on all of our doors. When people come to our house and then try to leave they say it's like trying to get out of Fort Knox.

We don't have end tables because when we did have them Sean would clear them off. He broke many a lamp until we got smart and got the kind that attach to the wall.

Speaking of attached to the wall, most of our furniture is attached to the wall. He has on more than one occasion knocked over large pieces of furniture. He still tries but doesn't seem very interested when he sees they aren't going to go anywhere.

All he has in his room is his bed and a dresser. It's long enough that he can't get it turned over. We got Clayton a chest of drawers a few weeks ago and put it in Sean's room until we could get it up to Clayton's room. Guess what? Sean knocked it over. It had only been in his room for about 10 minutes.

When he was small we could have things on the kitchen counter but not anymore. We call him Stretch Armstrong because it is amazing how far he can reach.

I have a wooden tray that we keep the salt, pepper, toothpicks and napkins on. We can't leave it on the table while we're eating because he pushes it off (actually, he pushes it into his brother's plate which doesn't make him happy).

The bathroom door has to be kept shut and we have the childproof covers on the knobs. If he finds it open, he will get in the bathtub and turn on the water. Luckily, the few times that it's happened it's been the cold water.

We have a gate permanently attached to the wall between our kitchen and front room so that we can keep him out of the kitchen when we're cooking. He doesn't bother the trash in the house but we had to get a trash can with a lid that snaps on in the motorhome because he was constantly turning it over.

And, don't even think about leaving a pen or marker within his reach. I learned that the hard way - twice. (I'm not a quick study) Once we had brand new carpeting in the front room and I turned my head for 2 seconds. When I came back, he had found a black magic marker and performed his magic on the floor and TV cabinet. Luckily because the carpet was new and had the stain resistant stuff on it, it came out. Most of the marks came off the TV cabinet but there are still a few there. He also found one in our motorhome once and colored from one end of the motorhome to the other on the cabinets, fridge, stove, everything in sight.

I'm sure there are other things that I can't even think of, like others have said, this is just normal for us. You do what you have to do to keep everyone safe.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

So this is the third post I've read that says about no table lamps. I don't know why of all the things that strikes me as a scary thing, but it does.

I also commented on another blog that I didn't think I would ever want a fenced-in yard, but I am already rethinking that.

Thanks so much for participating. I appreciate the advice that I can tuck away for future use.

Misty said...

thanks for the heads up for us newbies! i have actually thought of what i would have to put up HIGH or do without... and realize that lamps and possibley nick nacks and pictures will one day be out of the question!

sometimes i want mason to hurry up and become mobile... i get sad that he is still like a 6 month old.. but i think that i better enjoy these non-mobile days however long they are here.... LOL! but i think that this challenge is so helpful! YOU NEVER KNOW with our guys!

cdlsva said...

It's amazing how many similar modifications we've had to make! "No lamps" seems to be the norm :-)

Rachelle said...

Wow ~ there seems to be so many similiarities to Joey and Sean! Joey will knock over anything he can too. He is little but man is he strong! We haven't had any marker incidents yet but I'm sure the day will come! Thanks for sharing!